A Brand New Kind Of Photo Booth!

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A Brand New Kind Of Photo Booth!

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Calgary Mirror Photo Booth

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A Brand New Kind Of Photo Entertainment

What Is SeeYourSelfie?


SeeYourSelfie is a brand new photo booth experience for events of all kinds!

SeeYourSelfie is a state of the art 55 inch two way mirror with social media integration, powered by a 40 inch LED touch screen display for branding, promotions, instructions, videos, photo gallery and live view.

But most of all – It’s FUN!

Guests can start SeeYourSelfie with a simple tap of the touch screen, and SeeYourSelfie does the rest! After, guests can claim their SeeYourSelfie picture via email, text message, or by INSTANT PRINT, and then share the branded photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! We even have the ability to add surveys and collect data for awesome campaign management and statistics!

SeeYourSelfie is the perfect companion to Corporate Activations, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Holiday Parties, Community Events, and so much more!

We have been providing photo booths in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the surrounding area, since 2010. Check out our original photo booths for even more ideas!

So You Have Questions…

Does SeeYourSelfie have an attendant?

Yes! We provide a fun and experienced photo booth host with every SeeYourSelfie to make sure that everything runs smoothly!

How do I take my picture with SeeYourSelfie?

The SeeYourSelfie mirror photo booth is fully automated! You are free to take your own picture at any time by touching the mirror surface. If you’d prefer a bit more time to perfect your pose our photo booth host will be happy to start your session for you!

Can I see myself before you take my picture?

Strike your pose, because the SeeYourSelfie photo booth is a mirror, and what you see is what you’ll get!

How many pictures can I take?

Take as many as you want. Seriously. Try to beat the record!

Does SeeYourSelfie print my picture?

It sure does, because what fun would it be if it didn’t? And in about 15 seconds too! (Unless you don’t want it to, which is cool too)

Can I customize the prints?

Absolutley, and the sky is the limit. Send us your logo, or talk to us about your event and we’ll customize the prints for you. No extra charge!

Do you travel?

Yes! The SeeYourSelfie photo booth is unique in Western Canada, and is available for events anywhere! We’d love to come visit you!

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime at hello@seeyourselfie.ca, or use the form below!

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